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  • Terrorist threat recognition,ensure safety in maritime (on board and at the terminals/yard)
  • ISPS code and SOLAS latest revision
  • Better understanding of Vietnam security solution
  • Port security models in the world
  • PFSA (Port Facility Security Assessment) and PFSP (Port Facility Security Plan) model
  • Impacts and consequences of human beings, cargoes, terminal service terms from port security to the vessels and vice versa
  • Importance of port security training
  • Port security documents understanding


  • Director, manager and employee working at ports, terminals, … and all other participants being in need of knowledge development in related field.

Course content:

Module Content
Module 01 Security and threats on security

  • ISPS code
  • Impacts of terrorism on port and vessel security.
  • Possible threats on security
Module 02 Regulation on shipping safety

  • Current regulation, national and international laws
  • Security organizations
  • Port security regulation in 2009
Phần 03 Security duty

  • Ship owners, managers and directors
  • Security officer
  • Captain and vessel security officer
  • Seafarer and security duty
  • Port security officer
  • Other related duty
Module 04 Risk management and other assessment criterias

  • Risk management
  • Risk assessment tools and table
  • Risk assessment (basic)
  • IT and network security
Module 05 Port security assessment and planning

  • Port security assessment tools and system
  • Security system limitation
  • Security system mainternance
  • PFSP (Port Facility Security Plan) model
  • PFSP (Port Facility Security Plan) planning content
  • Port security planning and development
  • Port security plan acceptance
  • Port security instruction and safety
  • Limited areas, limited cargoes, …
  • Plan maintenance and development
Module 06 Threats recognition and recovery

  • Defining threatening signs/target entities
  • Defining types of weapon, dangerous substances and devices
  • Physical seeking method
  • Implementation and seeking instruction
Module 07 Security management

  • Security management party
  • Contact information
  • Port security maintenance
  • Investigation an inspection
  • Levels of safety and operation
  • Alert procedure
  • DOS
  • Security agent and port authority
Module 08 Security rehearsal and case study

  • Implementation plan when security alert araise
  • Security rehearsal
  • Security rehearsal assessment
Module 09 Office works in security maintenance

  • Security database and management
  • Security status report
  • Security inspector and auditor
Module 10 Security training

  • Requirements
  • Training skills
  • Crowd management, control and interaction with the press

Duration: 24 hours


  • Experienced Vietnamese teachers and foreign teachers working in related field.

Course materials:

  • Tan Cang-STC will provide participants with learning materials in the first day of this course.


  • After accomplishing this course, participants will be provided with national certification issued by Tan Cang-STC if the participants have attended at least 80% of the total duration.

Besides, Tan Cang-STC also provide courses in order with:

  • Appropriate course content (according to participants’ experience and knowledge)
  • Appropriate learning time

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