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Ports and their hinterland connections and international, coastal and inland shipping play a vital role in the Vietnamese economy. Large transport infrastructural works in Vietnam have been finalized or nearly completed. Hence, it is of vital importance to invest greatly in the improvement of the human infrastructure around these transport modalities by educating Vietnamese transport professionals throughout the entire logistics chain through the provision of the state-of-the-art educational methods that include the use of simulators.

As a formalised result of a long and fruitful cooperation between Vietnamese Saigon Newport Corporation established in 1989 and Dutch STC-Group, active in Vietnam since 1993, TANCANG-STC focuses on short courses specialized in sea transport and logistics for these fast growing sectors in Vietnam.

Our mission is:
“The provision of world class education, training, consultancy and human resource management services through the entire Vietnamese Supply Chain”. TANCANG-STC ensures to provide an excellent training solution to virtually every related market request.

In order to create a practical learning environment for learners, TANCANG-STC is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities that include a TRANSPORT CHAIN SIMULATOR ®, PORT LOGISTICS SIMULATOR®, and CRISIS MANAGEMENT SIMULATOR®.
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