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Customs Practices


  • Understanding of solutions and preparation for required documents for a red channel consignment and yellow channel consignment
  • Common unexpected problems about conflict between customs officer and customs declaration staffs. Solution for the problems.
  • Understanding of content in the documentation for yellow channel consignment and red  channel consignment for both import and export.


  • Students studying in International Business, Logistics, Supply Chain and Import-Export, …
  • Staffs that have just join in Logistics, Import-Export industry.

Course content:

No. Content Location
1 – Customs procedure at the ports

– Registration for physical examination, seal-cutting procedure and practices at the port and some notice for common problems.

– Customs parties, functions and roles.

– Some common customs practices (Prior registration, specialized examination, customs tariff, customs declaration form channels, …)


Tan Cang Cat Lai terminal
2 – Field visit around customs parties at Cat Lai port Tan Cang Cat Lai terminal:

–        X-ray scanning machine

–        Customs document examination

–          Customs confirmation

3 Q&A, final exam Tan Cang Cat Lai terminal

Duration: 1,5 day (can be adapted according to specific requirement)

Course materials:

  • Tan Cang-STC will provide participants with learning materials in the first day of this course.


  • After accomplishing this course, participants will be provided with national certification issued by Tan Cang-STC if the participants have attended at least 80% of the total duration.

Besides, Tan Cang-STC also provide courses in order with:

  • Appropriate course content (according to participants’ experience and knowledge)
  • Appropriate learning time

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