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  • Providing participants with necessary, thorough and practical knowledge in bulk terminal operation and management.


  • Director, manager and employee working at ports, terminals, … and all other participants being in need of knowledge development in related field.

Course content:

Module Content
Module 1:

Overview of bulk cargoes handling procedures

1. Definition.

2. Procedure content.

3. Common bulk cargoes handling procedures.

4. Functions, and roles of related titles in the procedures.

4.1. Managers, directors.

4.2. Team leaders, warehouse staffs.

4.3. Equipment warehouse.

4.4. Stevedores.

4.5. Factory managers

4.6. Safety and security activities

5. Requirements for bulk cargoes handling procedures.

5.1. Preparation:

5.1.1. On board

5.1.2. At yard, warehouse

5.1.3. Equipment

5.2. Stevedores, equipment preparation:

5.2.1. Requirements on stevedore

5.2.2. Requirements on handling equipment.

Module 2:

Actual bulk cargoes handling procedures on some common types of cargo.

1. Break bulk cargoes handling procedures: fertilizer, cement.

2. Bulk cargoes handling procedures:

2.1. Coal, sand, titan minerals

2.2. Wooden chips, sliced cassava.

2.3. Iron cargoes handling procedures: steel sheet, teel coin, bundle of steel bars, steel case;  tole coin.

Some common mistakes while operating bulk cargoes handling procedures.

Duration: 14 hours


  • Experienced Vietnamese teachers and foreign teachers working in related field.

Course materials:

  • Tan Cang-STC will provide participants with learning materials in the first day of this course.


  • After accomplishing this course, participants will be provided with national certification issued by Tan Cang-STC if the participants have attended at least 80% of the total duration.

Besides, Tan Cang-STC also provide courses in order with:

  • Appropriate course content (according to participants’ experience and knowledge)
  • Appropriate learning time

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