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  • Providing participants with necessary, thorough knowledge in logistics operation and management.


  • Director, manager and employee working in logistics co., ICD, import export co., … and all other participants being in need of knowledge development in related field.

Course content:

Module Content
Module 1: Effective warehouse operation and management Warehouse services overview Services About warehouse common services
Customers and cargoes Types of customers and cargoes:
2. Retail products
3. High-tech products
4. Car
Warehouse categories Common warehouse operational models
Standard models of a DC Human resource 1. Introduction of warehouse staff structure
2. Job description of each position
3. Warehouse staff structure
Common warehouse layouts with proper standards 1. Common warehouse layouts
2. Standards for a warehouse infrastructure
CASE STUDY: related to the practical warehouse system at ICD Tan Cang Long Binh 1. Human resource
2. Warehouse layout
Warehouse outlines 1. General regulation on warehouse outlines
2. Needed supportive areas in warehouse
3. Warehouse outlines on types of cargo
Auxiliary system in warehouse 1. Storage system
2. Materials handling equipment (MHE)
3. Security system, CCTV
4. Lighting system
5. Air ventilation, humidity, and insect prevention system
6. Fire fighting system
Safety, security, hygiene and environmental standards Possible scenerios and solutions
CASE STUDY: ICD Tan Cang Long Binh warehouse system 1. Warehouse outline design
2. Warehouse auxiliary system
Criterias for warehouse efficiency and effectiveness standardization and improvement Layout and arrangement of warehouse inventory 1. Elements affecting storage arrangement  
2. Warehouse space optimization
3.  Applying operational efficiency method
Standard operation procedure 1.  Standard operation procedure for external customer
2.  Standard operation procedure for internal customer
3. Standard operation procedure for subcontractor
4. Standard operation procedure for customer’s cooperator
5. Establishing procedures for cargo receipt, cargo delivery and storage …
CASE STUDY: Kimberly Clark Vietnam distribution center in ICD Tân Cảng SóngThần Warehouse outlines, arrangement and operational costs:
1. Solutions for picking and movement in a warehouse 2. Facilaties to support the operation, storage, picking … for each types of warehouse
 3. Some formulas to support the calculation of warehouse layout
 4. Cost estimation method for each types of warehouse
KPI index 1. KPI index establishment
2. Maintain and improve KPI index
Warehouse management system (WMS) Function and effectiveness of WMS
CASE STUDY: Warehouse management system of Tan Cang warehousing (of Saigon Newport Corporation) Overview about WMS of Tan Cang warehousing:
1. Introduction
2. Function
3. Usage instruction
Risk management Risk management in daily works
Quotation on warehouse services Quotation on warehouse services and online payment method 1. Services classification for quotation
2. Pros and cons of each service
3. On payment method and services relating to cargoes in the warehouse
Module 2 : Develop and enhance warehouse services’ value Solutions for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency for warehouse Solutions for enhancing storage capacity 1. Principles to choose proper storage system for warehouse
2. Introduction about automation system for warehouse
Solutions for enhancing efficiency 1. System to estimate labor productivity
2.  Distribution and utilization of warehouse’s resources
Solutions for enhancing effectiveness 1. Methods to cut costs
2. Selecting and connecting effectively with subcontractors
Development and expansion for warehouse’s services Developing Value added services (VAS) for current customers 1. Value added services (VAS)
2. Transportation services
Enhancing competative ability for new customer attraction 1. How to reduce the price
2. Managing usual risks
Module 3 : Field trips Field trip to  a distribution center Location will be a warehouse of Saigon Newport or a Distribution center (specific location will be announce later)

Duration: 58 hours


  • Experienced Vietnamese teachers and foreign teachers working in related field.

Course materials:

  • Tan Cang-STC will provide participants with learning materials in the first day of this course.


  • After accomplishing this course, participants will be provided with national certification issued by Tan Cang-STC if the participants have attended at least 80% of the total duration.

Besides, Tan Cang-STC also provide courses in order with:

  • Appropriate course content (according to participants’ experience and knowledge)
  • Appropriate learning time

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